[charms] Yoga PTG Summary

Alex Kavanagh alex.kavanagh at canonical.com
Mon Nov 1 14:13:32 UTC 2021

Hi All

Thanks to all who participated in the PTG discussions.  We had some good
sessions where we tackled thorny issues in the charms deployments of

A brief set of highlights is:

   - The store holding all the charms (https://jaas.ai/) just happens to be
   migrating to a new home (https://charmhub.io/) within the timescales of
   the Yoga cycle and some of the changes in behaviour provide some challenges
   and also opportunities to both simplify the charms and provide a better
   operator experience.  The discussions highlighted the pain points and the
   general direction that the migration could take around:
      - Charm upgrades
      - OpenStack upgrades
      - Series upgrades of the underlying operating system.
   - The charms deployment of OpenStack supports versions back to mitaka
   (pre yoga) and queens (yoga cycle onwards).  This has recently presented
   challenges around Python 3 support, particularly with py35 being EOL
   September 2020, and with py36 (bionic LTS) EOL 23rd December 2021.  We
   discussed various strategies and approaches around maintenance, security
   and support of queens onwards in terms of support and upgrades.
   - The charms team also maintains a CI infrastructure based on Jenkins
   and (more recently) self-hosted Zuul to test installation and upgrade of
   OpenStack solutions.  We discussed the further migrations of services from
   Jenkins to Zuul and issues associated with it.
   - Discussions around building new charms and refreshing old charms for
   the new components and features in the previous xena cycle and oncoming
   yoga cycle.

Our raw notes are here: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/charms-yoga-ptg

Thank you again for all the participation in setting the direction and
priorities for the yoga cycle.

Alex Kavanagh - PTL Yoga
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