[cinder][third-party][CI] revision needed to your gerrit comments

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu May 27 00:16:13 UTC 2021

Hello Cinder Third-Party CI maintainers,

tl;dr - add an 'autogenerated' *tag* to your Gerrit comments [0]

The recent Gerrit update has brought some changes--many good ones, but 
also some problems.  The good news is that it is within your control to 
fix one of the issues we're seeing.

The issue is that we lost the "Toggle CI" button in the old Gerrit, 
whose function was to hide all the CI comments on a review so that only 
the human reviewers' comments were displayed.  It's a problem for 
reviewers because other human reviewers' comments are easily missed.  So 
we'd like to be able to easily hide the CI comments in the new interface.

(Don't worry--your CI's results are nicely displayed within the "Zuul 
Summary" tab on the interface, so hiding the comments aren't going to 
make your CI results more difficult to find.  They are already clearly 
displayed in their own table.)

In the new Gerrit interface, when you have the "Files" tab active, below 
the list of changed files, there is a "Change Log" tab.  Right 
underneath it, there is a "Only Comments" toggle.  When it's activated, 
currently all the comments from OpenStack Zuul are hidden.  But the 
comments from other CIs are not.

Your CI's comments will be hidden if you include an 'autogenerated' tag 
in your review input.  If you are using zuul, include the tag:

Other CI systems should use the tag:

If your CI system uses ssh to communicate with Gerrit, you can find info 
about adding a tag here:
(you specify a --tag option)

If your CI system uses http to communicate with Gerrit, you can find 
info about adding a tag here:
(you specify it in the JSON request body)

The Cinder team will really appreciate your quick attention to this matter!



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