PNDriver on openstack VM is not able to communicate to ET200SP device connected to my physical router

Kumar Prasad, Vikash vikash.kumarprasad at
Wed May 26 14:12:12 UTC 2021

Dear Community,

I have installed openstack on Centos 7 on Virutalbox VM on windows 10.
Now I am running an application PNDriver on openstack VM(VNF), which is supposed to communicate with a hardware ET200SP, which is connected
to my physical home router. Now my PNDriver is not able to communicate to ET200SP hardware device.
PNDriver minimum requirement to run on an interface is using ethtool it should list the speed, duplex, and port properties, but by default speed , duplex, and port values it is
Showing "unknown". I tried setting these values using ethtool and somehow I was able to set duplex, speed values but port value when I am trying to set it is throwing error.

My question is how we can set the port value of openstack VM(Vnf) using ethtool?

Second question is that suppose if we create a VM on virtualbox, then virtualbox provides a provision for bridged type on network setting, can I not configure openstack vm (vnf) like
a virtualbox VM so that my vnf can also get broadcast messages broadcasted by the connected hardware devices in my home router?

Vikash kumar prasad

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