threat to freenode (where openstack irc hangs out)

Cédric Jeanneret cjeanner at
Wed May 26 06:34:41 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I think we shouldn't let this one die in silence. Apparently, new
policies are being enforcing within Freenode and, if by mistake, a
channel promotes another IRC network in their topic, they will be taken
by freenode staff - meaning loss of rights, loss of ownership, and topic
will be changed.

that's not what we can call "foss supporting" anymore imho. (Though,
apparently, this was due to some miscommunication - so long for the
transparency, stability and so on.)

Reading the «explanation» on both sides[1][2], as well as latest
freenode communication[3], I'd rather go for the OFTC thing, since it's
(really) independent of the whole thing.

True freenode is (was?) a central player for FOSS communities. But with
all the screaming around, it might get harder to stick with them.

Though, right now, the current privacy policy[4] doesn't reflect any
weird use of our data (that is, as of 2021-05-26, 08:30am CET). Maybe a
false flag? We'll probably never really know, but checking that privacy
policy and related contents evolution might provide a good hint.

Some of the other communities I'm following have implemented a bridge
bot, basically copy-pasting content from one network to another. That
way, ppl could be on OFTC (or anywhere else where we have a foot on),
while primary thing would stick to freenode (and thus allowing a clean

My 2c ;).




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