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> On 2021-05-21 16:30:40 +0300 (+0300), Andrey Kurilin wrote:
> [...]
> > Why everyone points to third-party solutions for those who don't
> > like IRC? Why the modern chat-platform can be used as a main
> > solution and those who want IRC should look for third-party
> > bridges to make it work in the good old way?
> [...]
> It's all a matter of perspective, and you're paying attention to how
> it's phrased by people who are already using IRC (the bulk of our
> current community). You could just as easily phrase it as "some
> projects are moving to Matrix, but taking advantage of the available
> Matrix/IRC bridge so that users of the old IRC channels aren't left
> behind." Technically the solution is the same one as "let's
> recommend a Matrix/IRC bridge to anyone who wants to talk with
> people on IRC without using IRC." The main difference is in how it's
> documented and communicated.
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> Jeremy Stanley

> It's all a matter of perspective

It is True without context.
I may be wrong, but I do not remember any big change in OpenStack community
(maybe only the 4 opens and nova-net -> neutron, but it's earlier days). If
something was used/developed/decided 10 years ago, we will live with that
That is why I read all suggestions of using matrix as "if you don't like
the chosen way, we are very sorry, but please find a way to leave with it.
this is the way." :)

Best regards,
Andrey Kurilin.
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