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> On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 08:21:14AM -0400, Mohammed Naser wrote:
> > On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 9:23 AM Erno Kuvaja <ekuvaja at> wrote:
> [...]
> > There is two sides to each story, this is the other one:
> >
> >
> There may be two sides; but in this specific case, the said person's
> erratic behaviour is clearly and utterly unreliable.
> > I recommend that so long that we don't have any problems, we keep
> > things as is.
> I doubt if it's sensible to "keep things as-is".  I think we should go
> with the low-friction options (the Infra team is small and are already
> overloaded) that were already discussed:
> (a) move to Libera.Chat (this also shows solidarity with the former
>     Freenode staff, now at Libera, who were doing a lot of unthankful,
>     but important work); or
> (b) move to OFTC network
> Obviously, there's no rush to implement this.  And with *either* of
> these options, if there's time and energy, also have the Matrix bridge
> available to accomodate those who don't prefer IRC.

> who don't prefer IRC

Why everyone points to third-party solutions for those who don't like IRC?
Why the modern chat-platform can be used as a main solution and those who
want IRC should look for third-party bridges to make it work in the good
old way?

My small experience:
Long time ago (4 years ago?!), I moved Rally community from IRC to Gitter. I
don't regret it. There was a bot for synchronizing messages between Gitter
and IRC, so no one was offended or ignored. Gitter (as like many modern
chat-platforms that are mentioned in this thread) provides web, mobile and
native clients. You just install or open browser tab it and it works. No
need to think about installing bouncer, configuring IRC client to do not
send disconnect signal to bouncer, and so on. From the beginning, most
newcomers & users that don't care much about openstack community workflows
started writing at Gitter, because it was much simpler (several clicks and
you can ask for help) and the trend persisted.

I'm not saying that we need to use Gitter, it is going to die at some
point, but I would like to raise one more time an idea that IRC is a
good technology(as
like ADSL) that will be alive for long long years, but there are a lot of
interesting powerful solutions (i.e fiber networks).

But this is a
> really-nice-to-have.  (And let's not forget: _if_ we do move, there's
> other grunt work like updating all public documentation, clear
> communication, etc.)
>             * * *
> For comparison, this is Fedora's on-going proposal:
> --
> /kashyap

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Andrey Kurilin.
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