[mistral] glance image upload

Erno Kuvaja ekuvaja at redhat.com
Fri May 21 11:24:12 UTC 2021

On Fri, May 21, 2021 at 5:38 AM Renat Akhmerov <renat.akhmerov at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> Essentially the “glance.images_upload” action is the same command
> available on the Python client for Glance and it should take the same
> parameters. So just go ahead and try. The only problem may be that the
> action may have gone out of sync with the latest version of Python Glance
> client since I believe nobody has updated it for a while.

AFAIK we have not broken anything on the client since moving to Images API
v2 so even older integrations should work just fine. (So sorry if we did,
please let us know the details so we can be more careful in the future.)
Obviously might be lacking some features. 'web-download' is part of the
Interoperable Image Import flow so getting an image from an external source
requires the 'web-download' plugin being configured on the service side and
using the import call on the client. I have no idea if there is Mistral
integration for that.

- jokke

> Thanks
> Renat Akhmerov
> On 20 May 2021, 16:34 +0700, Arnaud Morin <arnaud.morin at gmail.com>, wrote:
> Hey team,
> Is there any way to upload/download an image to/from glance using a
> mistral workflow?
> I am seeing the glance.images_upload and glance.images_data, but I cant
> figure out how it works, I was thinking that we could provide some sort
> of swift URL to download/upload from.
> Is there any example available somewhere or maybe it's not yet
> implemented?
> Thanks
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