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Thomas Goirand zigo at
Thu May 20 18:52:30 UTC 2021

On 5/20/21 6:06 PM, Dmitry Tantsur wrote:
> Do I get it right that you're suggesting that YOU will maintain a free
> IRC bouncer for everyone who needs it for OpenStack business? Or do you
> suggest that everyone sets up their own one? Even outreachy interns,
> drive-by contributors and non-coding contributors?

Of course not. A bouncer has never been a requirement, it's a
convenience. You can also run a text based version of IRC on a screen in
any Unix. If price is a problem, AWS is providing 1/2 CPU for free, if
I'm not mistaking. That's enough for a bouncer or a screen session.

> In other words, "just use an IRC bouncer" shifts the problem from us to
> those who want to talk to us. So much for inclusiveness.

"just use an IRC bouncer" is just the answer to "I'm not always
connected, and I don't have the logs when I'm not there". The answer to
it could also be: well, when you sleep, you can't answer anyway, can
you? It's supposed to be instant messaging, what's the point then? For
async stuff, there's email...

Anyway, that's not the main point. The main point is that I very much
prefer to have the chat logs under *MY* hands than on the one of *ANY*
operator. I'm happy that the IRC bouncer that *I* own does the logging,
and that logging isn't a feature of the server side.

No, I do not want that anyone keeps any logs of the things on IRC. I
don't like it. I would prefer if the Foundation was not keeping any IRC
log using some bots. If that's useful, then please erase these logs
after a month. Otherwise, it's like putting a microphone in my office,
and listening to what I say to my colleagues (at least, it's the same


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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