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Wed May 19 21:31:13 UTC 2021

Big +1 on my side too.

Honestly, as someone else told it badly already,   IRC is a nightmare to
set and manage for anyone not coming from the 80/90s age of the internet.

I do personally use it since decades and so I’m used to it BUT It’s not
because I know how to use it that I’ll hide the truth. IRC and any client
for it is challenging for any new comers.

No, people don’t have to once again read and learn another tool just for
our community.

We’re in 2021 and things have improved a lot in terms of messaging systems,
rich exchanges platforms emerged (With many opensource) and so I consider
(as many others I bet) that as a community looking for diversity and
inclusion it’s time to bring the community of existing and new contributors
better tools, the messaging system revamp being one of the most important
one to be reworked.

I’m supporting (With another person from the internet) a small discord
server of around 50 members and trying to answer many questions on reddit.

Why did we setup such alternative?
Because most of those people were young students thriving to get straight
answers and support from the community.

Why did they didn’t easily found answers? Because IRC channels are most of
time dead towns (except for the kolla one) and that for people starting to
learn Openstack it’s challenging to get access to IRC as it’s not as
straightforward and feature rich as what alternatives messaging solutions
can provide.

It’s a matter of UI/UX, time consumed and amount of knowledge required to
acquire just for one slightly simple/quick question.

Same thing with the list by the way.

I deeply think that if we want to continue to embark more new comers we
will need alternatives for current communication platforms such as the IRCs
channels and the list.

Those are tools from the past. Sure they’re efficient, sure many of us know
how to manage them but I really feel like adding another step to people
trying to jump in isn’t a good way to welcome them.

I perfectly know that some of us found it interesting as it kind of gates
from «moronic» questions and it’s kind of seen as way to mark a tribal
validation of your effort to join us, but in the meantime I think we’re
loosing opportunities to bring more peoples in.

It’s like in the real life, you’ll never want to use a tool or help someone
that actually require you to follow a long and painful process before being
able to help or use it.

Sorry for the long message but I really wanted to explain the issue with
those tools as one of my concerns actually surfaced today.

PS: I don’t want us to join on Discord or any «SaaS solution » we can
definitely host our own opensource alternative if we really want to gain
autonomy on such topic.
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