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Thanks for the answer, however i am not sure that i exactly understand the approach of scheduling the backups by leveraging container running inside
trove guest instance. I will try to figure out. Anyway, would this approach have a global impact, meaning only one type of schedule(s) will be applicable
for all the tenants or is there still some kind of flexibility for each tenant to apply own schedules in this way? I would be very thankful for some more details, 
if possible :)

We have now deployed Trove in one of our regions and are going to let certain customers test the functionality and features. We currently deployed mysql,
mariadb and postgresql datastores with latest production-ready datastore versions for mysql and mariadb (5.7.34 and 10.4.18) and for postgresql it is version

As You might understand, we have many questions unanswered, and if there is anyone capable and willing to answer some of them we would be very thankful:

- What is next in pipe in terms of production-ready datastore types and datastore versions?
- Clustering - according to the official documentation pages it is still experimental feature. When can we expect this to be supported and for what datastore types?
- According to some info we received earlier, PostgreSQL 12.4 is only partially supported - what part of functionality is not fully supported here - replication or something else?
- Creation of users and databases through OpenStack/Trove API is only supported with mysql datastore type. When can we expect the same level of functionality for at least the other two datastore types?
- MongoDB in particular, when can this datastore type be expected to be supported for deployment?
- In the case of database instance failure (for example failure due to the failure of the Compute node hosting the instance), is there any built-in mechanisms in Trove trying to 
  automatically bring up and recover the instance, that i am not aware of?

I am so sorry for this question bombarding but i simply have to ask :)

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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Hi Bekir,
You can definitely create Mistral workflow to periodically trigger Trove backup if Mistral supports Trove action and you have already deployed Mistral in your cloud.
Otherwise, another option is to implement schedule backups in Trove itself (by leveraging container running inside trove guest instance).

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A question regarding the best practices when it comes to scheduling backups:

Is there any built-in mechanism implemented today in the service or do the customer or cloud service provider have to schedule the
backup themselves? I see some proposals about implementing backup schedules through Mistral workflows:

But i am not sure about the status of that.

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