[wallaby]nova, oslo.db or SQLAlchemy bug? "no attribute statement"

tjoen tjoen at dds.nl
Tue May 18 15:18:01 UTC 2021

On 5/18/21 4:10 PM, Herve Beraud wrote:
> SQLAlchemy 1.4 requested some adaptations in various places (oslo.db, nova,
> cinder etc).

I understand from reply (not to the list) from Balazs Gibizer that
Wallaby needs SQLAlchemy < 1.4

> Without digging into your issue, oslo.db 8.6.0 at least is required to
> support this version of SQLAlchemy [1].

Yes, Wallaby only oslo.db = 8.5.
8.6 is for next release I understand now

Thanks both for the clarification. I'll downgrade SQLAlchemy
and report later if I get Wallaby running

> Le mar. 18 mai 2021 à 13:57, tjoen <tjoen at dds.nl> a écrit :
>> Python-3.9.4
>> nova-23.0.1
>> oslo.db-8.5.0
>> SQLAlchemy-1.4.15

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