[infra] threat to freenode (where openstack irc hangs out)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon May 17 14:12:43 UTC 2021

On 2021-05-17 06:08:20 -0700 (-0700), Julia Kreger wrote:
> If the situation doesn't sort itself out, perhaps a logical course
> of action is to create a CNAME record, and have something like
> irc.openinfra.dev moving forward, That way the community could
> move again without updating documentation... at least past the
> very first mass-doc update.

Yes, thanks for the reminder. I think we had previously agreed this
would be a sensible way of engineering it. I suppose the last time
it came up was in the pre-OpenDev days, but I still think having it
be a general OpenDev signal as to where we're maintaining our
service bots makes sense, and makes future relocations easier. This
is what irc.gnome.org does, for example (it's currently a CNAME to

Some folks will probably still want to use the traditional IRC
network names in their clients if they're joining channels for other
communities which happen to exist on that same network, but for
anyone who is only joining channels related to projects hosted in
OpenDev I suppose it's a reasonable solution. If you're involved in
multiple IRC-using communities on the same network, you're probably
proficient enough with IRC and querying DNS to know what you're
doing in that regard and work it out for yourself anyway.
Jeremy Stanley
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