[Nova] Meeting time poll

Balazs Gibizer balazs.gibizer at est.tech
Fri May 14 06:11:52 UTC 2021

On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 01:23, Sam Su (苏正伟) 
<suzhengwei at inspur.com> wrote:
> From: Sam Su (苏正伟)
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> Subject: Re: [Nova] Meeting time poll
> Hi, Nova team:

Hi Sam!

>         There are many asian developers for Openstack community. I 
> found the current
> IRC time of Nova is not friendly to them, especially to East Asian. 
> If they
> can take part in the IRC meeting, the Nova may have more developers. 
> Of
> cource, Central Europe and NA West Coast is firstly considerable. If 
> the team
> could schedule the meeting once per month, time suitable for asians, 
> more
> people would participate in the meeting discussion.

You have a point. In the past Nova had alternating meeting time slots 
one for EU+NA and one for the NA+Asia timezones. Our experience was 
that the NA+Asia meeting time slot was mostly lacking participants. So 
we merged the two slots. But I can imagine that the situation has 
changed since and there might be need for an alternating meeting again.

We can try what you suggest and do an Asia friendly meeting once a 
month. The next question is what time you would like to have that 
meeting. Or more specifically which part of the nova team you would 
like to meet more?

* Do a meeting around 8:00 UTC to meet Nova devs from the EU

* Do a meeting around 0:00 UTC to meet Nova devs from North America

If we go for the 0:00 UTC time slot then I need somebody to chair that 
meeting as I'm from the EU.

Alternatively to having a formal meeting I can offer to hold a free 
style office hour each Thursday 8:00 UTC in #openstack-nova. I made the 
same offer when we moved the nova meeting to be a non alternating one. 
But honestly I don't remember ever having discussion happening 
specifically due to that office hour in #openstack-nova.


p.s.: the smime in your mail is not really mailing list friendly. Your 
mail does not appear properly in the archive.

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