[CINDER] - RBD backend reporting

Steven Relf srelf at ukcloud.com
Wed May 12 11:30:24 UTC 2021

Hey list.
Currently when using an RBD backend using the default settings, total_capacity_gb is reported as MAX_AVAIL + USED bytes, converted into GiB. This to mean seems a little odd, as I would expect that total_capacity_gb should report the total size in GiB of the backend cluster.
This of course can be fixed by adding "report_dynamic_total_capacity = false" into the cinder.conf section for the rbd backend. This works fine for ceph clusters where all pools consume from a single disk type/root. But in clusters where you have multiple root's or device types it does not work correctly.
Is this proving to be a pain point for anyone else, or is it just me, and if it is proving a problem for others, im happy to write a patch.
Im thinking something that gets the pools crushrule and works out the total_capacity_gb, based off the total available capacity of a pool based on its root/crushrules.

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