Fwd: [ironic] IPA image does not want to boot with UEFI

Vuk Gojnic vuk.gojnic at gmail.com
Tue May 11 18:37:10 UTC 2021

Hi Julia, thanks for the response.

I have now verified that the server has Secure Boot set to Disabled.
It happens on all our HPE Gen10 and Gen10+ servers that are booting
with UEFI in the same configuration (Secure Boot Disabled).

Unsigned initrd from ubuntu for example works with Kernel from IPA:

I have also updated firmware of the server to the latest version, but
it is still the same.

I am going to try to drill deeper in IPA builder code and IPA initrd
which seems not to go well with UEFI boot mode.

I am grateful for any hint.


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