[wallaby][neutron][ovn] Distributed FIP

Malik Obaid malikobaidadil at gmail.com
Thu May 6 04:06:58 UTC 2021


I am using Openstack Wallaby release on Ubuntu 20.04.

I have enabled DVR and Distributed FIP on 1 controller node and  2 compute
nodes, we have mapped an interface(ens224) with the physical
network(br-eth1) using below command:

ovs-vsctl set open . external-ids:ovn-bridge-mappings=physnet1:br-eth1

The issue I am facing here is that when I analyze the traffic on interface
(ens224) while initializing ping from a VM on my compute node 1, it shows
the traffic flowing through my controller as well as both the compute nodes
rather than only flowing through compute node 1.

I would really appreciate any input in this regard.

Thank you.

Malik Obaid
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