[release][ironic] ironic-python-agent-builder release model change

Pierre Riteau pierre at stackhpc.com
Tue May 4 14:34:08 UTC 2021

Hi Hervé,

Kayobe (part of the Kolla project) also uses
ironic-python-agent-builder to build IPA images. We use its master
branch [1], since it is the only one available. However, this has
caused issues. For example, IPA builds broke on Ussuri [2] after
ipa-builder started to use a feature of diskimage-builder that isn't
available in the maximum DIB version allowed by Ussuri upper
constraints. This wouldn't have happened had we been able to use
stable branches. Of course we could use tags, but they can break too
and can't be fixed.

So as far as Kayobe is concerned, we fully support the proposed
release model change and see no downside.

On a related note, stable branches for diskimage-builder would be useful too.

[1] https://opendev.org/openstack/kayobe/src/branch/master/ansible/group_vars/all/ipa#L20
[2] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kayobe/+/775936

On Mon, 3 May 2021 at 10:20, Herve Beraud <hberaud at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> At first glance that makes sense.
> If I correctly understand the story, the ironic-python-agent [1] and the ironic-python-agent-builder [2] were within the same repo at the origin, correct?
> Does someone else use the ironic-python-agent-builder?
> [1] https://opendev.org/openstack/releases/src/branch/master/deliverables/xena/ironic-python-agent.yaml
> [2] https://opendev.org/openstack/releases/src/branch/master/deliverables/_independent/ironic-python-agent-builder.yaml
> Le ven. 30 avr. 2021 à 16:34, Iury Gregory <iurygregory at gmail.com> a écrit :
>> Hi Riccardo,
>> Thanks for raising this!
>> I do like the idea of having stable branches for the ipa-builder +1
>> Em seg., 26 de abr. de 2021 às 12:03, Riccardo Pittau <elfosardo at gmail.com> escreveu:
>>> Hello fellow openstackers!
>>> During the recent xena ptg, the ironic community had a discussion about the need to move the ironic-python-agent-builder project from an independent model to the standard release model.
>>> When we initially split the builder from ironic-python-agent, we decided against it, but considering some problems we encountered during the road, the ironic community seems to be in favor of the change.
>>> The reasons for this are mainly to strictly align the image building project to ironic-python-agent releases, and ease dealing with the occasional upgrade of tinycore linux, the base image used to build the "tinyipa" ironic-python-agent ramdisk.
>>> We'd like to involve the release team to ask for advice, not only on the process, but also considering that we need to ask to cut the first branch for the wallaby stable release, and we know we're a bit late for that! :)
>>> Thank you in advance for your help!
>>> Riccardo
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>> Att[]'s
>> Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira
>> MSc in Computer Science at UFCG
>> Part of the ironic-core and puppet-manager-core team in OpenStack
>> Software Engineer at Red Hat Czech
>> Social: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iurygregory
>> E-mail:  iurygregory at gmail.com
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> Hervé Beraud
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> F8RvGolu3EFjlqCVgeOZaR51PqwUlEhZXZuuNKrWZXg/oRiY4811GmnvzmUhgK5G
> 5+f8mUg74hfjDbR2VhjTeaLKp0PhskjOIKY3vqHXofLuaqFDD+WrAy/NgDGvN22g
> glGfj472T3xyHnUzM8ILgAGSghfzZF5Skj2qEeci9cB6K3Hm3osj+PbvfsXE/7Kw
> m/xtm+FjnaywZEv54uCmVIzQsRIm1qJscu20Qw6Q0UiPpDFqD7O6tWSRKdX11UTZ
> hwVQTMh9AKQDBEh2W9nnFi9kzSSNu4OQ1dRMcYHWfd9BEkccezxHwUM4Xyov5Fe0
> qnbfzTB1tYkjU78loMWFaLa00ftSxP/DtQ//iYVyfVNfcCwfDszXLOqlkvGmY1/Y
> B8qUJhBqJ8RS2F+vTs3DTaXqcktgJ4UkhYC2c1gImcPRyGrK9VY0sCT+1iA+wp/O
> v6rDpkeNksZ9fFSyoY2o
> =ECSj

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