[neutron] oslo.privsep migration in Neutron

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Wed Mar 31 20:28:53 UTC 2021

On 31/03/2021 20:37, Ben Nemec wrote:
> On 3/31/21 2:18 PM, Sean Mooney wrote:
>> the other anti patter to avoid is centralising all privsep cunciton 
>> in a set of common modules that are called into form differnt moduels.
>> nova and neutorn  are unfrotunetly both guilty of that too but 
>> eventully i would hope that that will be fixed.
> I thought this was intentional. It's even mentioned in the docs as a 
> way to make it clear that privileged calls will run in a different 
> context: 
> https://docs.openstack.org/oslo.privsep/victoria/user/index.html#using-a-privileged-function
yep we have talked about this before and said we shoudl fix that before. 
i dont have my old mailing list post but
what we have found at least in nova centralising the calls encurages 
overly broad functions with far to much privaldge to be written.
case in point novas mount functjion

which take andy files system devnec enad mount point with any options 
you care to pass.
our our chown , chmod and writefile commands


we even had to write a hacking check to stope people form importing 
modules form privesep using
from nova.privsep import path

since at the call path.writefile(...) would give no indication that its 
actuly privaldaged.
we have a hacking check to enfore no aliasing of privsep import in nova

privsep contntexts should be defiled at the top of project module 
namespace e.g. nova
and ideally targeted privladge fucntion shoud be written in the module 
where they are used, using a context
that provides only the permissions they need. ideally you should have 
privaldged in the name of the function too.

os-vif does not quite get the nameing right but we do at least use a 
seperate prive spec context for the plugins vs common code
and use inline privesep function instead of centralisting them


one of the imporant thing to not for example in the ovs plugin is we 
restrict the context to only be used by submodules of the plugin

vif_plug = priv_context.PrivContext(
     "vif_plug_ovs",   <----- this is what resticts what module the 
decorator can be used in.
     pypath=__name__ + ".vif_plug",
the enforcement is done by 

it also only has cap_net_admin since  that is the only capablity the ovs 
plugin needed.
if the linuxbridge plugin need CAP_SYS_ADMIN for some reason we could 
add it to its context without affacting ovs's

althoguht the correct thing to do would be to define a new context 
instead of extending the exsiging one.

novas privsep context has far to many permission and shoudl be broken 
into at least 3 contexts

sys_admin_pctxt = priv_context.PrivContext(
     pypath=__name__ + '.sys_admin_pctxt',
should be
sys_admin_pctxt = priv_context.PrivContext(
     pypath=__name__ + '.sys_admin_pctxt',

file_admin_pctxt = priv_context.PrivContext(
     pypath=__name__ + '.sys_admin_pctxt',

net_admin_pctxt = priv_context.PrivContext(
     pypath=__name__ + '.sys_admin_pctxt',

neutron is in a slightly better shape
since it has 3 contexts but its not really devied up correctly IMO
the default context still has far to many caps as noted in the to do.

privsep as used today in nova and neutron provides far less security 
then the libary is capably of as the current usage is very primatie.
unfortunetlly i dont think 
https://docs.openstack.org/oslo.privsep/victoria/user/index.html actully 
models the best practicies for defining,
contexts or function or using them. its based on what nova did before we 
had learned how to actully use it. we should rewrite all of nova privsep
useage but we have never had the time to do that.

neutron is in better shape but it can still delete any file on disk or 
spawn any process with

that process would not be fulll root but it would be close enough.

having a centralised privsep module and 1 or few context tends to make 
people lazy and either not think what is the smalles set of permission
i need or what is the smallest amount of function inputs i need.

so neutron and nova might have almost got rid fo rootwap but they are 
not secure by any means in there current usage.
i also dont know of any active explitis as a result of this, its greate 
that neutron is almost done moveing but i just wanted to highlight htat
once all the calls are moved the real work or actully hardinging neutron 
and using privesep properly need to be done.
if you just use privsep blinindly its really easy to end up with a less 
secure system then when you had rootwarp.

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