[puppet] Proposing Alan Bishop (abishop) for puppet-cinder core and puppet-glance core

Tobias Urdin tobias.urdin at binero.com
Wed Mar 31 10:49:38 UTC 2021

big +1 :)

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From: Takashi Kajinami <tkajinam at redhat.com>
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 11:24:21 AM
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Subject: [puppet] Proposing Alan Bishop (abishop) for puppet-cinder core and puppet-glance core


I'd like to propose Alan Bishop (abishop) for the core team of puppet-cinder
and puppet-glance.
Alan has been actively involved in these 2 modules for a few years
and has implemented some nice features like multiple backend support in glance,
cinder s3 backup driver and etc, which expanded adoption of puppet-openstack.
He has also provided good reviews on patches for these 2 repos based
on his understanding about our code, puppet and serverspec.

He is an active contributor to cinder and has deep knowledge about it.
In addition He is also a core review in TripleO, which consumes our puppet modules,
and mainly covers storage components like cinder and glance, so he is familiar
with the way how these two components are deployed and configured.

I believe adding him to our board helps us improve our review of these two modules.

I'll wait for one week to hear any feedback from other core reviewers.

Thank you,

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