[neutron] oslo.privsep migration in Neutron

Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez ralonsoh at redhat.com
Tue Mar 30 15:33:40 UTC 2021

Hello Neutrinos:

During the last cycles we have been migrating the Neutron code from
oslo.rootwrap to oslo.privsep. Those efforts are aimed at reaching the goal
defined in [1] and are tracked in [2].

At this point, starting Xena developing cycle, we can state that we have
migrated all short lived commands from oslo.rootwrap to oslo.privsep or to
a native implementation (that could also use oslo.privsep to elevate the
permissions if needed).

The problem are the daemons or services (long lived processes) that Neutron
spawns using "ProcessManager"; this is why "ProcessManager.enable" is the
only code calling "utils.execute" without "privsep_exec" parameter. Those
process cannot be executed using oslo.privsep because the privsep root
daemon has a limited number of executing threads. The remaining processes
are [3].

Although we didn't reach the Completion Criteria defined in [1], that is
remove the oslo.rootwrap dependency, I think we don't have an alternative
to run those services and we should keep rootwrap for them. If there are no
objections, once [3] is merged we can consider that Neutron (not other
Stadium projects) finished the efforts on [1].

Please, any feedback is always welcome.


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