[ops][victoria] Windows Server 2012 R2 - Can't install - unbootable

Eugen Block eblock at nde.ag
Tue Mar 30 14:53:55 UTC 2021


how are your images configured wrt hw_disk_bus and hw_scsi_model? Just  
last week I tried to update a windows image (Win 8) in Glance since  
it's recommended to use hw_scsi_model=virtio-scsi and  
hw_disk_bus=scsi. But the vm kept showing a bluescreen and didn't  
start until I removed those glance properties. Maybe that's what  
you're hitting, too?


Zitat von DHilsbos at performair.com:

> All;
> We have a recently built Victoria cluster with storage provided by a  
> Ceph Nautilus cluster.
> I'm working through the following tutorial:
> https://medium.com/@yooniks9/openstack-install-windows-server-2016-2019-with-image-iso-d8c17c8cfc36
> When I get to step 4 under "Windows Server Installation," it says  
> "Windows can't be installed on this drive."  Details are: " Windows  
> cannot be installed to this disk.  This computer's hardware may not  
> support booting to this disk.  Ensure the disk's controller is  
> enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.
> Any recommendations on what I'm missing here would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Dominic L. Hilsbos, MBA
> Director - Information Technology
> Perform Air International Inc.
> DHilsbos at PerformAir.com
> www.PerformAir.com

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