[kolla] does someone uses AArch64 images?

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Tue Mar 30 13:20:15 UTC 2021

W dniu 29.03.2021 o 19:48, Thomas Goirand pisze:
> On 3/29/21 5:34 PM, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:

>>> Getting binary support is just a mater of rebuilding packages
>>> for arm64. I once did that for you setting-up a Jenkins machine
>>> just for rebuilding. It's really a shame that you guys aren't 
>>> following that road. You'd have all of my support if you did. I 
>>> personally don't have access to the necessary hardware for it, 
>>> and wont use the arm64 repos...
>> The thing is - no one asked for Debian/binary images so far so I 
>> did not bothered you.
>> Your team provides packages for already released OpenStack stuff. 
>> From Kolla point of view it means that at beginning of a new 
>> development cycle we would need to get images for previous release 
>> with Debian binary packages built, tested and backported.
> I used to package every beta (b1, b2, b3). But then, nobody was 
> consuming them, so I stopped. And the harsh reality right now, is 
> that most projects stopped producing these bX releases.
> Today, I'm already done with the packaging of all RC1 releases, and 
> I'm already beginning to test installing them. This is 2 days after 
> the RCs.

Are they available somewhere online so they can be tested?

> No other distribution beats me on this timing.

RDO and UCA produce packages during development cycle.

> So I'm not sure what more I could do... If you wish to participate 
> and provide intermediary releases using Git, that's possible, but 
> that means someone needs to participate and do it. I can't be full 
> time doing packaging like I used to when I was employed to do only 
> that (these days, I maintain my own installer and 8 clusters in 
> production...).

I am aware that building OpenStack packages is not your daily job anymore.

> Radosław Piliszek often ask me about the status of Debian packages, 
> and he manages to maintain compat in OSA using them. Why can't you
> do it?

Taking care of Kolla is one of my work tasks. Not primary anymore as we 
got to the point when I only need to fix when things break.

> Again, I very much would love to collaborate and help you doing more
> with the Debian binary stuff for ARM.
I can check are there free resources left for providing you AArch64 
machine for builds.

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