[vpnaas-neutron][Victoria] - could not load neutron_vpnaas

Luke Camilleri luke.camilleri at zylacomputing.com
Wed Mar 24 11:08:35 UTC 2021

We are configuring Neutron's vpnaas extension and although the guide 
seems to be quite short, it looks like that there are some dependencies 
that we are not aware of since we are receiving this error when we start 
the neutron server:

WARNING stevedore.named [req-dca2e9a8-1799-45c7-9380-f247510af7e5 - - - 
- -] Could not load 

We have followed this guide 
https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/latest/admin/vpnaas-scenario.html and 
before that we have also installed the below packages from the repos:



our config files are the below:


interface_driver = linuxbridge
debug = true
extensions = vpnaas
vpn_device_driver = 


service_provider = 

vpn_agent.ini is empty since the guide documents the changes in the 
l3_agent.ini file

in neutron.conf we have also added the below:

service_plugins = router,vpnaas

At this point, my main question would be, is VPNaaS supported with linux 
bridge or just with OpenvSwitch?

Thanks in advance

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