[ironic] How to move nodes from a 'clean failed' state into 'Available'

Igal Katzir ikatzir at infinidat.com
Tue Mar 23 22:09:33 UTC 2021

Hello Team,

I had a situation where my undercloud-node had a problem with it’s disk and has disconnected from overcloud.
I couldn’t restore the undercloud controller and ended up re-installing it (running 'openstack undercloud install’).
The installation ended successfully but now I’m in a situation where Cleanup of the overcloud deployed nodes fails:

(undercloud) [stack at interop010 ~]$ openstack baremetal node list
| UUID                                       | Name       | Instance    UUID        | Power State | Provisioning State | Maintenance |
| 97b9a603-f64f-47c1-9fb4-6c68a5b38ff6 | interop025 | None          | power on    | clean failed       | True        |
| 4b02703a-f765-4ebb-85ed-75e88b4cbea5 | interop026 | None          | power on    | clean failed       | True        |

I’ve tried to move node to available state but cannot:
(undercloud) [stack at interop010 ~]$ openstack baremetal node provide 97b9a603-f64f-47c1-9fb4-6c68a5b38ff6
The requested action "provide" can not be performed on node "97b9a603-f64f-47c1-9fb4-6c68a5b38ff6" while it is in state "clean failed". (HTTP 400)

My question is:
How do I make the nodes available again? 
as the deployment of overcloud fails with:
ERROR due to "Message: No valid host was found. , Code: 500” 

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