[kolla] does someone uses AArch64 images?

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Tue Mar 23 11:43:32 UTC 2021

AArch64 support in Kolla(-Ansible) project is present since Ocata 
(iirc). For most of that time we supported all three distributions: 
CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

# Distribution coverage

CentOS has binary (with packages from RDO project) and source images. We 
supported version 7, 8 and now we are using CentOS Stream 8 in Wallaby.

Debian is source only as there never was any source of up-to-date 
OpenStack packages (Debian OpenStack team builds only x86-64 packages 
and they do it after release).

Ubuntu has both binary (packages from UCA) and source images.

# My interest

I take care of Debian/source ones as we use them at Linaro in our 
developer cloud setups. It often means backporting of fixes when we 
upgrade from one previous release to something newer.

# External repos problem

The problem in all cases is external repositories and their lack of 
support for AArch64 architecture.

## RabbitMQ

Biggest problem is with RabbitMQ and Erlang. For x86-64 RMQ developers 
build packages for CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu. We use them.

On AArch64 it differ:

- CentOS uses erlang from CentOS distribution
- Debian uses erlang from my Linaro OBS repository (where I do
   builds of backport of Debian 'testing' package).
- Ubuntu uses erlang from Ubuntu distribution

Ubuntu one is too old - 22.2 while current rabbitmq needs 22.3 or newer. 
I do not plan to work on getting it working.

# Final question

I would like to know does anyone use AArch64 images built with Kolla. 
Please respond which branches you use, distribution used as host OS and 
as images OS.

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