Extracting commits data for the first and the last code review revisions

Chouchen, Moataz moataz.chouchen.1 at ens.etsmtl.ca
Mon Mar 22 15:00:03 UTC 2021

Dear Openstack community, Hope you are doing well. I am Moataz Chouchen a Ph.D. student from ETS Montreal. I am interested in studying the impact of code review on the quality of puppet files. For this reason, I am interested in studying the code reviews containing puppet files (We investigate puppet projects.) and comparing puppet files in the first revision and the last revision for each code review. To achieve this, I extracted the revision IDs for the first and the last revisions (supposed to be first and last commit hashes) for each code review in puppet projects. However, when we have more than one revision, we were unable to find the commits for the first revision in the git for all the projects and we only have commits data for the last revision. I would like to know if the commit of the first revision does exist in the CVS, and it's possible to extract? In case these commits do not exist, how could, we retrieve the files in the first version of a review?

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