[nova] When are "_del" directories deleted?

Eugen Block eblock at nde.ag
Mon Mar 22 09:39:16 UTC 2021

Hi *,

I stumbled across a different issue when I noticed there's a  
<UUID>_del directory in /var/lib/nova/instances/. It's a shared  
directory to enable live-migration. I noticed these "_del" directories  
before but I didn't really investigate, everything seems to work as  
expected. But I would like to understand what exactly happens with  
such a directory, for example currently there's just one instance  
having also a _del directory. The timestamp is from 2 years ago when  
the instance was resized the first time. Looking in the nova code [1]  
I found the reference to the resize function, I just don't quite  
understand what would happen with that instance if it was shutdown.

Would nova delete it to "clean up"?
Can I remove that directory safely to prevent nova from doing anything  
destructive to that instance?

I'd appreciate any insights about this. Just to be safe I created an  
RBD snapshot of the disk to prevent a deletion.

Best regards,


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