OpenStack Victoria - Kolla-Ansible - Cinder - iSCSI-backend - Update driver status failed: config is uninitialized.

Erdősi Péter erdosi.peter at
Sun Mar 21 09:45:57 UTC 2021


2021. 03. 19. 22:16 keltezéssel, Stefan Kelber írta:
> Does any body have a clue where to look?
> I am running out of ideas, unfortunately
Just a quick question: (we use dell emc and fujitsu eternus iSCSI 
backend with Rocky now)
Did you add the following network interfaces to the server, which runs 
  - Management: (i mean, there shoud be an API, which need to be reached)
  - iSCSI interface(s): If you want to upload image, the cinder-volume 
process shoud login to the iSCSI, copy the image (from glance 4example), 
and logout.

Do you see iSCSI sessions (iscsiadm -m session) creating?
Also: did you check the guide for the storage? (I've found a config 
option with the Eternus, which need to be configured in storage side, 
until that, it's not working) maybe you have somethin similar?



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