[keystone][kolla][horizon] versioned or unversioned keystone endpoints?

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Fri Mar 19 10:56:01 UTC 2021


There seems to be some inconsistency around whether Keystone endpoints
in the catalog should be versioned or not. Specifically, should they
have a /v3 suffix?

I did a survey of code using keystone-manage bootstrap via codesearch:

* Kolla Ansible: unversioned
* DevStack: unversioned
* puppet-keystone: unversioned
* Keystone install guides: versioned
* OSA: unversioned

I imagine that when v2 was around, the endpoint needed to be
unversioned. But was there a point when it became recommended to add a

I'm asking because of an issue in horizon when downloading a
clouds.yaml file for application credentials. If the auth_url field is
unversioned, then some older client libraries will fail with a Not
Found error during e.g. openstack server list.

I tested using Stein and Train U-C. The former fails, the latter
works. If I use Stein U-C, then update keystoneauth1 to 3.17.3 (from
Train U-C), it works.


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