[tripleo] Nominate David J. Peacock (dpeacock) for Validation Framework Core

Gaël Chamoulaud gchamoul at redhat.com
Fri Mar 19 09:58:43 UTC 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First, thanks for your votes!

With the agreement of Marios, I've added David as part of the tripleo-core group
and his voting rights will be exercised only on the following repositories:

- tripleo-validations
- validations-common
- validations-libs
- python-tripleoclient (only on VF related patches touching the
  tripleo_validator.py CLI Code)

However, it would be great to create a dedicated core group for the Validation
Framework team including those repositories. And thus being more compliant with
what we do with others TripleO Teams. Marios, any thoughts?

Congratulations David and thanks again for your hard work!

On 09/Mar/2021 15:53, Gaël Chamoulaud wrote:
> Hi TripleO Devs,
> David is already a key member of our team since a long time now, he
> provided all the needed ansible roles for the Validation Framework into
> tripleo-ansible-operator. He continuously provides excellent code reviews and he
> is a source of great ideas for the future of the Validation Framework. That's
> why we would highly benefit from his addition to the core reviewer team.
> Assuming that there are no objections, we will add David to the core team next
> week.
> Thanks, David, for your excellent work!
> --
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Gaël Chamoulaud  -  (He/Him/His)
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