How to detach cinder volume

Eugen Block eblock at
Wed Mar 17 09:30:18 UTC 2021


if the volume was in use by the vm you'll have to reboot it to  
properly release all open files. As far as I know a snapshot of an  
instance booted from volume will only snapshot the respective volume.  
That should still be possible, but I guess it would be inconsistent  
because of the open files. Is reboot not an option?


Zitat von "Md. Hejbul Tawhid MUNNA" <munnaeebd at>:

> Hi,
> We are using openstack rocky.
> One of our openstack vm was running with 3 volume ,  1 is bootable and
> another 2 is normal volume . We have deleted 1 normal volume without
> properly detaching.
> So volume is deleted but instance is still showing 3 volume is attached.
> Now we can't snapshot the instance and facing some others issue.
> Please advise how we can detach the volume(deleted) from the instance
> Note: We have reset state volume attached status to detached and delete the
> volume.
> Regards,
> Munna

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