[neutron] Unit test jobs broken

Slawek Kaplonski skaplons at redhat.com
Wed Mar 17 09:23:04 UTC 2021


Our UT gate jobs are now broken due to new neutron-lib release. Fix for that is
already proposed in [1]. So if Your UT jobs are failing like e.g. in [2] please
don't recheck Your patch before [1] will be merged.

[1] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron/+/780802
[2] https://8ee33ec1a424812a1857-16390f05fde22eb723929856dcc38fcd.ssl.cf5.rackcdn.com/779878/3/check/openstack-tox-py36/26ea91f/testr_results.html

Slawek Kaplonski
Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat
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