[cinder] wallaby feature freeze

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 05:00:37 UTC 2021

The Wallaby feature freeze is now in effect.

The following cinder patches have already been approved, but have not 
yet merged, and are granted a Feature Freeze Exception:

- Add support to store volume format info in Cinder

- Add Consistency Groups support in PowerStore driver

The following patch had been approved, but ran into merge conflicts and 
had to be resubmitted, and requires re-review and approval.  It also has 
been granted a FFE:

- NetApp ONTAP: Implement FlexGroup pool

The third party CI is not reporting on the following patch, which 
otherwise would have been approved at this point.  It has an FFE while 
this gets worked out:

- Revert to snapshot for volumes on DS8000

Any other feature patch (including driver features) must apply for an 
FFE by responding to this email before Tuesday, 16 March at 16:00 UTC. 
Note that application for an FFE is not a guarantee that an FFE will be 
granted. Grant of an FFE is not a guarantee that the code will be merged 
for Wallaby.

It is expected that patches granted an FFE will be merged by 21:00 UTC 
on Friday 19 March.

Bugfixes do not require an FFE.  To be included in Wallaby, they must be 
merged before the first Release Candidate is cut on Thursday 25 March. 
After that point, only release-critical bugs will be allowed into the 
Wallaby release.

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