Windows vm is not launching from horizon

Midhunlal Nb midhunlaln66 at
Thu Mar 11 13:24:31 UTC 2021

Hi all,
I successfully installed the openstack rocky version and everything is
working properly.

---->Uploaded all images to openstack and I can see all images listed
through openstack CLI.
| ID                                                                    |
Name                          | Status |
| 1912a80a-1139-4e00-b0d9-e98dc801e54b    | CentOS-7-x86_64         active |
| 595b928f-8a32-4107-b6e8-fea294d3f7f1       | CentOS-8-x86_64
| f531869a-e0ac-4690-8f79-4ff64d284576       | Ubuntu-18.04-x86_64
| 7860193b-81bd-4a22-846c-ae3a89117f9d     | Ubuntu-20.04-x86_64     active
| 1c3a9878-6db3-441e-9a85-73d3bc4a87a7    | cirros
| d321f3a3-08a3-47bf-8f53-6aa46a6a4b52       | windows10

--->same images I can see through horizon dashboard,but i am not able to
launch windows VM from horizon dashboard .Balance all images launching from

Getting below error;
Error: Failed to perform requested operation on instance "windows", the
instance has an error status: Please try again later [Error: Build of
instance 15a3047d-dfca-4615-9d34-c46764b703ff aborted: Volume
5ca83635-a2fe-458c-9053-cb7a9804156b did not finish being created even
after we waited 190 seconds or 61 attempts. And its status is downloading.].

--->I am able to launch windows VM from openstack CLI

What is the issue ?why I am not able to launch from dashboard?please help

Thanks & Regards
Midhunlal N B
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