Cleanup database(s)

Eugen Block eblock at
Mon Mar 8 13:18:56 UTC 2021

Hi *,

I have a quick question, last year we migrated our OpenStack to a  
highly available environment through a reinstall of all nodes. The  
migration went quite well, we're working happily in the new cloud but  
the databases still contain deprecated data. For example, the  
nova-scheduler logs lines like these on a regular basis:

/var/log/nova/nova-scheduler.log:2021-02-19 12:02:46.439 23540 WARNING  
nova.scheduler.host_manager [...] No compute service record found for  
host compute1

This is one of the old compute nodes that has been reinstalled and is  
now compute01. I tried to find the right spot to delete some lines in  
the DB but there are a couple of places so I wanted to check and ask  
you for some insights.

The scheduler messages seem to originate in


         for cell_uuid, computes in compute_nodes.items():
             for compute in computes:
                 service = services.get(

                 if not service:
                         "No compute service record found for host %(host)s",

So I figured it could be this table in the nova DB:

MariaDB [nova]> select host,deleted from compute_nodes;
| host      | deleted |
| compute01 |       0 |
| compute02 |       0 |
| compute03 |       0 |
| compute04 |       0 |
| compute05 |       0 |
| compute1  |       0 |
| compute2  |       0 |
| compute3  |       0 |
| compute4  |       0 |

What would be the best approach here to clean up a little? I believe  
it would be safe to simply purge those lines containing the old  
compute node, but there might be a smoother way. Or maybe there are  
more places to purge old data from?

I'd appreciate any ideas.


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