[cinder] final patches for wallaby os-brick release need reviews

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 02:51:46 UTC 2021

Hello members of the cinder community:

Please direct your attention to the following patches at your earliest 
convenience (i.e., right now):

"NVMeOF connector driver connection information compatibility fix"
- this fixes the regression in the nvmeof connector
- patch has passed CI: Zuul, Mellanox SPDK (to detect the regression), 
and Kioxia (which uses the mdraid feature)
- looks pretty much ready to go

"Add release note for nvmeof connector"
- the title says it all

"Update requirements for wallaby release"
- raises the minimum versions in the various requirements files to
reflect what we're actually testing with right now
- nothing major because of the adjustments made back in January to deal 
with the upgraded pip dependency resolver

Happy reviewing!

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