[kolla][kolla-ansible] distro mixing on hosts

Eric K. Miller emiller at genesishosting.com
Thu Mar 4 19:50:52 UTC 2021

> While this is possible, it is not something we "support" upstream. We
> already have many combinations of OS distro and binary/source. I know
> that people have tried it in the past, and while it should mostly just
> work, occasionally it causes issues. A classic issue would be using an
> ansible fact about the host OS to infer something about the container.
> While we'll likely accept reasonable fixes for these issues upstream,
> mixing host and container OS may cause people to pay less attention to
> bugs raised.

Understood.  If we run into issues, I'll report regardless of whether there is attention, just so someone knows what was tried, and what failed.
> If you want to migrate from CentOS 7 to Debian, I would suggest
> keeping the host and container OS the same, by basing the
> kolla_base_distro variable on groups. Of course this will also be an
> untested configuration, and I suggest that you test it thoroughly, in
> particular things like migration between different versions of
> libvirt/qemu.

Ah, that's a good idea, setting kolla_base_distro in groups as opposed to globally.  Thanks!  If we can do that, then we'll definitely keep both host and container OS the same.

We're testing in a VM environment first, so will try to identify problems before we have to do this on live systems.

Thanks again for the quick responses as always Mark!


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