[kolla][kolla-ansible] distro mixing on hosts

Eric K. Miller emiller at genesishosting.com
Wed Mar 3 22:37:30 UTC 2021



We have been pretty consistent in deploying CentOS 7 on physical
hardware where Kolla Ansible deploys its containers.  However, we're
going to be switching to Debian 10.8.


It looks like Kolla Ansible likely won't care which distro is installed
on the physical hardware, and so some nodes could have CentOS 7 and
others have Debian 10.8.  Long-term, we'll replace the CentOS 7 machines
with Debian 10.8 and re-deploy.


Kolla Container images will still be CentOS 7, but we will be recreating
Kolla images with Debian and deploying those long term too. 


Is this supported?  Any obvious issues we should be aware of?  We will
have the same interface names, so we will be pretty consistent in terms
of the environment - but wanted to see if there was any gotchas that we
didn't think of.


Also, I guess I should ask if there are any specific Debian 10.8 issues
we should be aware of?


Has anybody else done this? :)





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