[all][elections][ptl][tc] IMPORTANT Note About March 2021 Elections

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Mar 2 23:12:33 UTC 2021

Please note that to be eligible to vote in upcoming Technical
Committee and Project Team Lead elections, you must make sure that
your Preferred Email Address in Gerrit appears somewhere in your
Open Infrastructure Foundation Individual Member profile. To check
this, visit https://review.opendev.org/settings/#EmailAddresses
while authenticated to Gerrit and make a note of which address has
the Preferred button selected. Next visit
https://openstackid.org/accounts/user/profile and (after
authenticating) make sure that address appears in at least one of
the Email, Second Email, or Third Email fields. If not, add it to
one of the available Email fields there and click the Save button.

This requirement has changed slightly from before (when any address
known to Gerrit was sufficient), because of slightly stricter API
handling in the newer Gerrit release we're now running. If you have
any questions, please feel free to reply or reach out to the
technical election officials in the #openstack-election IRC channel
on Freenode.
Jeremy Stanley
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