[ironic] replacing the review priority list on the etherpad with hashtag

Iury Gregory iurygregory at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 13:43:23 UTC 2021

Hello Ironicers!

If you were present in the last weekly meeting, you are probably aware that
we are using hashtags to track the patches that are in the priority list.

If you are part of the ironic core group you can edit hashtags in any
patch, if you are not core you can only add hashtags to the patches you are
the Owner. In the gerrit UI you should be able to see Hashtags fields and a
button ADD HASHTAG, the hashtag we are using is *ironic-week-prio* , so, if
you have a patch that is in a good shape and ready for review you can add
to the hashtag (just click in the ADD HASHTAG button, write the hashtag,
click in SAVE).

I will push a patch adding this information to our docs, I'm willing to do
a session (or maybe two since we have people in different timezones) to
explain. I will create a doodle and add to this thread.

Thank you!


*Att[]'sIury Gregory Melo Ferreira *
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