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Karera Tony tonykarera at
Sat Jan 30 11:07:03 UTC 2021

Dear Team,

I deployed the Openstack Ussuri version and everything was working fine
with the small cirros Image since its a test environment for now.

I started facing an issue when I uploaded a bigger image (Ubuntu 16.04
Xenialand Ubuntu 18.04 Biomic), When I tried to create an instance using
any of those images, I got the error below.

 Traceback (most recent call last): File
line 1942, in _prep_block_device
wait_func=self._await_block_device_map_created) File
line 874, in attach_block_devices _log_and_attach(device) File
line 871, in _log_and_attach bdm.attach(*attach_args, **attach_kwargs) File
line 771, in attach wait_func=wait_func, image_id=self.image_id) File
line 381, in _create_volume availability_zone=av_zone,

Can any one advise on how to proceed ?


Tony Karera
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