[cinder] s3 backup driver status

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 22:34:48 UTC 2021

(I think there are time zone issues preventing the team working on the 
driver from attending the cinder weekly meeting, so I'm sending this 
update to the mailing list.)

We discussed the proposed s3 backup driver [0] at today's cinder 
meeting.  The code is looking good and the developers have been 
responsive to comments and doing quick revisions.  The patch has one +2 
and looks very close to being approved.

One thing that's missing at this point is a comment on the review from 
one of the developers that they've deployed it with cinder and it works, 
and under what conditions it's been tested (that is, actually with S3, 
or only with the swift proxy).  So please add such a comment to the review.

This will allow us to merge the backup driver while you continue to work 
on getting the CI running [1].  We haven't required CI on backup drivers 
previously, so the cinder team has taken the position that lack of CI is 
not a reason to hold up the backup driver from merging.

I want to stress, however, that we are excited that you are working on 
getting CI for the driver.  The CI is looking close to completion as 
well (the holdup at the moment seems to be a problem with the swift 
proxy and recent versions of the boto library).  The devstack support 
for this effort [2] is also looking good.

[0] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cinder/+/746561
[1] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin/+/772085
[2] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/devstack/+/770171

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