Strange behaviour of OSC in keystone MFA context

Sean Mooney smooney at
Tue Jan 26 19:00:57 UTC 2021

On Tue, 2021-01-26 at 17:46 +0000, Taltavull Jean-Francois wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm experiencing the following strange behavior of openstack CLI with os-auth-methods option (most parameters are defined in clouds.yaml):
> $ openstack token issue --os-auth-type v3multifactor --os-auth-methods password,totp
--os-auth-methods does not appear to be a standard part of osc
infact i cant find it in any openstack repo with 

i think this is the implemtaions

this presumable is where it generates teh optins 

                help="Methods to authenticate with."),

if i do openstack help --os-auth-type v3multifactor it does show up with the following text

--os-auth-methods <auth-auth-methods>
                        With v3multifactor: Methods to authenticate with. (Env: OS_AUTH_METHODS)

that does not say much but
implies its a list

with that said there are no test for multifactor as far as i can see like this one

there also does not seam too be a release note declaring support.

so while keystone auth support multi factor im not sure that osc actully does

i specpec that the fild type is not correct and it is indeed been parsed as a string instead of a list of stirng field.
it might be fixable via keystoneauth but  it proably need osc support and testing.

> The plugin p could not be found
> Note that "p" is the first letter of "password". It looks like the option parser handled "password,totp" as a string instead of as a list of strings.
> Version of openstack CLI is 5.4.0.
> Any idea ?
> Thanks !
> Jean-Fran├žois

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