[EXTERNAL] Re: [kolla][keystone] Keycloak "More than one user" error

Braden, Albert C-Albert.Braden at charter.com
Tue Jan 26 13:29:10 UTC 2021

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>On Mon, 25 Jan 2021 at 13:35, Braden, Albert
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>> We’re running Train on Centos 7, and using Keycloak for auth. After I setup Keycloak, create a user in Keycloak, and then login to Horizon via Keycloak, a user is created in Keystone:


>> Where should I be looking for the cause of this error?

>Have you checked if there are other test users in a different domain?

I think I successfully checked that. Looking at " openstack help user list" I see that it allows me to filter users by domain, group or project. It appears that not adding any filters will show all users in all domains. Also I checked the database.

I tried deleting the "test" user:

(openstack) [root at chrnc-area51-build-01 config]# os user show test
More than one user exists with the name 'test'.
(openstack) [root at chrnc-area51-build-01 config]# os user delete test
Failed to delete user with name or ID 'test': More than one user exists with the name 'test'.
1 of 1 users failed to delete.
(openstack) [root at chrnc-area51-build-01 config]# os user list
| ID                                                               | Name              |
| ccb276f4f507fd9f271d629d2ad896d2c97e04f81336cd8c1332f4b2df115ca2 | test              |
| f4287b6082b8f36048d052eaa3d35facb94e5eff598d59d2aee68252ddb13339 | test2             |
| e81999534559450688c730aad58738dc                                 | admin             |
| 23fb5632aaa548b68871634577c5bf42                                 | glance            |
| 5e7d65357275446bbc2007826327350d                                 | cinder            |
| 76217f42ce37481faa69b6b610e65f19                                 | placement         |
| e1832eb444044d7f8a266d22d517dc98                                 | nova              |
| cba584661261497f9b522c4752120d5f                                 | neutron           |
| 034d6fcd28ef4b61b5e56d1dc79c9927                                 | heat              |
| 6d38774ad4614764932cb338add97403                                 | heat_domain_admin |
| 59f68b88481e4e738f4a4943ff6c6496                                 | masakari          |
| 5d539533ecda4bd197a6ed281c6d268b                                 | abraden           |
| 5d5f353f00434d9195208efad74f8113                                 | adjutant          |
(openstack) [root at chrnc-area51-build-01 config]# os user delete ccb276f4f507fd9f271d629d2ad896d2c97e04f81336cd8c1332f4b2df115ca2
(openstack) [root at chrnc-area51-build-01 config]# os user show test
No user with a name or ID of 'test' exists.

After deleting the "test" user, and then re-creating it with a Keycloak login, the problem goes away. It seems to only happen with the first Keycloak user on a new cluster.

(openstack) [root at chrnc-area51-build-01 config]# os user show test
| Field               | Value                                                            |
| domain_id           | 4678301ef9a24d54bcd2e87a8fbc6872                                 |
| email               | test at example.com                                                 |
| enabled             | True                                                             |
| id                  | ccb276f4f507fd9f271d629d2ad896d2c97e04f81336cd8c1332f4b2df115ca2 |
| name                | test                                                             |
| options             | {}                                                               |
| password_expires_at | None                                                             |

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