[openstack-dev] [neutron][taas] Proposal of Dashboard for TaaS

Lajos Katona katonalala at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 09:09:44 UTC 2021

You can use taas with devstack (see [1]).
The project now lacks maintainers, but basically works, if you have any
questions don't hesitate to ask :-)



Madhuwantha priyashan <madhuwanthapriyashan12 at gmail.com> ezt írta (időpont:
2021. jan. 22., P, 20:22):

> Dear sir,
> I am an undergraduate student and I am doing a project using OpenStack
> now. I need to install tap as a service in OpenStack but I could not find
> any guideline for this. It is great full if u can provide guidelines for
> this task.
> Thank you
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