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My name is Bekir Fajkovic and i work at City Network cloud service provider mostly as a DBA but i am also involved in many other kind of activities
inside the Company.

We at City Network are currently in a process of deployment of OpenStack Trove project (latest official release) and are thus preparing a dedicated
region inside our OpenStack hosting environment to host it as a beta version internally, to begin with, where we are going to involve some of our customers 
to evaluate the service after, hopefully, successful installation and configuration.

To be totally honest, while there is a whole lot of a certain kind of documentation provided covering many aspects, some other aspects inside the project do 
not seem to be documented in depth or at all (which of course is totally understandable), so i am forced to ask some questions this way and i hope You find 
them not to be too annoying to anyone.

The questions:

Having the fact that Trove Victoria release provides Docker containers as a new way of database instance provisioning, i am wondering how far the project
is developed in terms of covering the different types of databases. What i can see by mainly parsing the code provided on Github, those seem to be 
officially released:

- MariaDB
- PostgreSQL

and the rest of the planned database types are in "experimental" phase. And also, regarding certain types of databases (for example MySQL, version 5.7 and 8.0) only certain 
versions of the datastores seems to be supported, but not all. On the other hand, nothing regarding datastore versions supported for MariaDB and PostgreSQL seems to be
mentioned somewhere. Could someone please confirm that as well as give some more details about it?

I successfully managed to create certain versions of datastores in my devstack environment, belonging to those 3 database types mentioned above (and based on
trovestack-generated dev guest image that is by default delivered with devstack installation), but not without some undesirable events. For example, i am able to register 
PostgreSQL datastore version 12 and instantiate a database instance of that version but not version 13 and above, where i get some hostname-related errors etc.

Also, a question regarding the building of the production-ready guest image. As mentioned, Trovestack script is provided as a possible way of producing the images (by omitting
dev option the Trove Guest Agent binaries are deployed into the instantiated VM). How does an image produced this way looks like? From where the base image is fetched,
is it a "cloud based image" with cloud-init in it, are the automatic security and software patching features disabled in produced image, so that we do not get unexpected service 
interruptions when the OS suddenly decides to start updating itself etc..

Regarding the Trove Guest Agent service - i read in some Trove books previously that there are dedicated agents for each and every database type, is it the same situation
in Victoria release, or is there an "universal" Guest Agent covering all the database types nowadays? Where is the code that adapts the Agent commands towards the database 
instances placed inside the project?

The backups - as i can see there seem to be some kind of dedicated docker-backup images involved in each database type. Could someone explain the internals of backup mechanisms
inside Trove Victoria release in more details?

So, that would be all for the moment and although You probably consider my questions being as stupid as possible, i still dared to ask them :)
I hope You will be able to provide the answers to at least some of them!

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards

Bekir Fajkovic
Senior DBA
Mobile: +46 70 019 48 47 |

ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27015 & 27018 CERTIFIED

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