[barbican][release] Barbican deliverables questions

Douglas Mendizabal dmendiza at redhat.com
Thu Jan 21 16:23:47 UTC 2021

On 1/21/21 6:11 AM, Herve Beraud wrote:
> Hello Barbican team,
> Do you've any updates to share with us?
> Moisès made me notice that an RFE is coming in OSP 17 for barbican-ui, 
> so I suppose we can wait for this one and allow you to release it. 
> Thanks Moisès.

Yes, we still have barbican-ui in the roadmap.  We have a patch that 
implements basic functionality [1], but it's been on the back burner 
since the core review team lacks front end skills. 😅  We'd definitely 
appreciate reviews from folks with horizon experience.

> Concerning your ansible roles (ansible-role-atos-hsm and 
> ansible-role-thales-hsm) an answer would be appreciated.

Yes, we definitely want to release these along with the other HSM 
ansible role: ansible-role-lunasa-hsm.

> Thanks for your attention.

Thank you for staying on top of these things.

- Douglas Mendizábal

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