[cinder] wallaby new driver status

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 17:42:20 UTC 2021

At today's Cinder meeting [0] we discussed the unmerged proposed drivers 
(3 volume drivers, 1 backup driver) in light of tomorrow's new driver 
merge deadline.  Here's a summary of what we decided:

1. s3 cinder backup driver
The code looks basically OK but the driver hasn't been independently 
tested.  There's a proposed CI job but it currently isn't passing.
==> plan: aim for two +2s on the patch before the merge deadline, but 
hold off on merging until we have confirmation that the driver works, 
hopefully but the CI working by next week (Thursday 28 January).

2. TOYOU ACS5000 driver
Code is looking good and they've been good about quickly revising 
patches.  The CI is running and driver is passing tempest and 
cinder-tempest-plugin tests, though it's not reporting reliably on 
patches.  They've agreed to get their CI responding properly by milestone-3.
==> plan: the requested revisions haven't been major, so this is looking 
good for tomorrow's deadline.  We anticipate that the CI situation will 
be corrected by M-3.

3. Ceph iSCSI driver
Code is looking good but the CI isn't passing yet.
==> plan: this is an important community driver so we're extending the 
deadline two weeks to 5 February.

4. Kioxia Kumoscale driver (and brick changes)
Kioxia reports that their CI is up though it's not reporting yet.  This 
is a large change and the cinder team review bandwidth has been low this
cycle, but with the other drivers (mostly) done at this point, we should 
be able to get faster reviews on these.
==> plan: new driver merge extension to 8 Feb, that is, code merged and 
CI running and reporting by that date to be included in wallaby.



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