[tc] weekly meeting summary (Jan 14)

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Wed Jan 20 13:53:24 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

Here’s a summary of what happened in our TC weekly meeting last
Thursday, Jan 14th.

1.   mnaser (123)
2.   gmann (56)
3.   fungi (31)
4.   rosmaita (19)
5.   ricolin (11)
6.   dansmith (9)
7.   jungleboyj (8)
8.   knikolla (6)
9.   clarkb (3)
10. apevec (2)
11. slaweq (2)
12. belmoreira (1)

1. Rollcall

2. Follow up on past action items
- DONE: mnaser submit a patch to officially list no community goals for X cycle
- DONE: diablo_rojo update resolution for tc stance on osc
- IN PROGRESS: diablo_rojo complete retirement of karbor - ALMOST DONE
- TBD: diablo_rojo reach out to SIGs/ML and start auditing states of SIGs
- TBD: gmann continue to audit tags + outreach to community to apply for them

3. Write a proposed goal for X about stabilization/cooldown
This topic mostly continues to live inside gerrit, so ti will be
removed from the agenda.

4. Audit SIG list and chairs (diablo_rojo)
No progress update, we'll keep an action item to keep up with it.

5. Annual report suggestions (diablo_rojo)
Topic to be removed from the agenda as this is getting drafted already.

6. Add Resolution of TC stance on the OpenStackClient (diablo_rojo)
dansmith will update osc change to include ci/docs commentary.

7. Audit and clean-up tags (gmann)
gmann bumped the email with PTL tag for API interoperability tag,
we’ll see how many projects start applying it.

8. infra-core additions (was Farewell Andreas) (diablo_rojo)
The reposition is quiet for the moment and there is no backlog yet. We
are bringing this up at the OpenDev infrastructure meeting on Tuesday
the 19th, mnaser will add openstack/infra-core as a discussion topic
in the OpenDev meeting.

9. Dropping lower-constraints testing from all projects (gmann)
This is something projects asked TC for consensus and direction for
all projects. l-c testing is not part of PTI but there should exist
some direction for consistency testing and providing a lower bound to
package maintainers.
A few projects already started dropping l-c job, and it seems that our
current l-c were not exactly testing in a valid way. Also, most
testing (except for the l-c job) is being done with versions close to
the upper-constraints. We will keep this an open topic for next week.

10. Decide on OpenSUSE in testing runtime (gmann)
OpenSUSE distro job is broken for a month and DevStack team is
approaching removing it as there is no investment from the company or
the community.
It was discussed to make the governance change and if that goes
through the DevStack one, it will be merged.
We’ll have an ML before and after moving testing/governance change,
gmann will update supported distros to drop OpenSUSE.

1. diablo_rojo complete retirement of karbor
2. mnaser to remove proposed goal topic from agenda
3. diablo_rojo reach out to SIGs/ML and start auditing states of SIGs
4. mnaser remove annual report suggestions from agenda
5. dansmith update osc change to include ci/docs commentary
6. mnaser add openstack/infra-core as discussion topic in opendev meeting
7. gmann follow-up with zigo if debian uses l-c
8. gmann update supported distros to drop opensuse

To read the full logs of the meeting, please refer to

Mohammed Naser

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