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Nagaraj Akkina mailakkina at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 13:15:58 UTC 2021

I think we have a big problem, scheduler is able to allocate more memory
than actual physical memory in the compute node, the same statistics are
also there in database.
For example : if we have a physical memory of 125GB in a node, the total
memory allocated to all the instances(virsh dommemstat of all vms) in that
host is more than physical memory say around 147GB, being
ram_allocation_ratio defined as 1 and reserve_host_memory_mb defined as

How can nova allocates more memory than actual?

Statistics from database

| memory_mb | memory_mb_used | free_ram_mb | ram_allocation_ratio |
|    128897 |         154624 |      -25727 |                    1 |
we are using openstack stein

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